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May's Message from Pastor Greg:

The Bible is a book about relationships. If you don’t believe me, next time you are reading it look for all the allusions to relationship that you can find. Every teaching of Scripture is meant to illuminate something about relationship between people and God, or people with each other.
The Scriptures teach that God is the Creator, and that our origin is in Him. He made us, therefore He has authority over us, which is an aspect of relationship. While that notion has become increasingly unpopular in our culture, upon closer examination, we find that arrangement is actually for our good.
The Bible claims that God is love. Since God is love, would you agree that he has your and my best interest at heart? In that case, God will never ask you to do anything that will hurt you, nor forbid you from having or doing anything that is for your good. In fact, His heart’s desire is to be close to you and bless you.
The Bible says that because God loves us, we are inspired to love Him back (1 John 4:19). Love on our part is expressed by obedience to His loving will and authority. This is how we participate in a relationship with God. Obedience, then, is the barometer of the quality of relationship we have with God, and that relationship gives God the right to place us under the wings of His care and protection.
Isaiah 59:2 says that our iniquities separate us from God so that He will not hear us. Is it because we make God mad? No. When iniquity is present, it is because we have, to a great or lesser degree, broken relationship with God. We have separated from Him, therefore, it is us, not God, that cuts us off from His ability to work unrestricted on our behalf.
If we are serious about being fully devoted disciples of Jesus Christ, then we will be serious about our relationship with Him. We will see obedience to the revealed will of God as an indicator of the quality of our relationship with Him.
Whole-hearted obedience indicates a living, thriving connection with God, and the result will be that God will take us to spiritual heights we can hardly imagine. More on that next time.
Pastor Greg

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